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Privacy Policy


Our Associates are committed to upholding and practicing the highest standards of ethics. Consequently, we do not abuse or misuse information transmitted and provided to us in trust and we have taken measures to secure and protect such information.

To ensure adherence to our commitment to safeguarding information collected by us, we have established a committee comprising of Legal Associates who are entrusted with the responsibility of pursuing any violation of trust to the fullest extent!

Information collected by our associates includes but it is not limited to names, email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, mailing addresses, credit card numbers and such other information as may be required for the purpose of responding to inquiries, registering individuals and groups for our Events, Learning Circles and Training Programs and transmitting related information.

Individuals and groups that no longer wish to receive information from us may opt out at any time at which point all their information will be discarded.

We are not responsible for the Privacy Policies and Security Practices of websites linked from our sites for information purposes but urge prudence in dealings with all parties!

In compliance with our Philosophies and unless required by law, Millennium Global Associated Services does not sell or give information about registrants to others.

We revise this Privacy Policy on an ongoing basis and promptly post revised versions on our website, to reflect our expanding operations, ongoing initiatives and feedback we receive.

If you have any questions, concerns and/or require additional information about our Privacy Policy, please 
contact us through our Associates, Sponsors and Participants in our Learning Circles.